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Provenza hardwood

Provenza Hardwood at Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home

Provenza Hardwood collections are unlike any other hardwood floors. If you are looking for a distressed hardwood look, with natural beauty, and warm tones, then Provenza is your floor. Provenza isn’t a typical hardwood brand, for it isn’t intended to look like a new floor.



Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

You may be scratching your head wondering why a hardwood floor wouldn’t want to look new, especially with brands adding more features to their products to increase sustainability? Well, Provenza still provides durability and strength, but does so by creating the look of custom reclaimed wood. The rustic look is in, and many homeowners are looking to capture that older distressed hardwood look. Having a unique floor with textured character will bring warmth and richness to your home. If you are a collector of antiques to style your home, then Provenza is the perfect compliment.


“Art for your floor.” 

Most homeowners don’t think of art when choosing a floor. Yet, Provenza provides just that with its attention to detail, handcrafted, hand distressed, and hand scraped hardwood floors. With a variety of collection available ranging from deep and rich tones of nature to explosions of color, you aren’t short of options.



Handcrafted Hardwood Floors

There aren’t many hardwood brands that offer customization along with handcrafted pieces. The only way to describe Provenza Hardwood is unique masterpieces. If you desire a hardwood floor that resembles the look of old hardwood, without actually having wear, Provenza’s custom collection can give you that. 

Work with our Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home team to pick out a wood species with distinct characteristics. From there you are able to decide on stains, colors, sheens, and levels of distress. For Provenza, it is about creating classic handmade hardwood floors, but doing so by bringing the character of each plank to life. To see Provenza’s available collections, click here: Provenza.

To learn more about Provenza hardwood, contact Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Royal Oak, MI. 



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