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Laminate flooring in living room with furniture and fireplace

Laminate Floors in Royal Oak, MI

Laminate flooring has come a long way over the years, and for homeowners looking to attain a wood, tile, or stone look in their home on a budget, laminate is your answer.


At Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home in Royal Oak, Michigan, we are proud to offer durable flooring befitting your personal style, needs, and budget.


Why Laminate Flooring?

A homeowner’s favorite, laminate flooring   is water-repellent, scratch and scuff-resistant, and stain-resistant. Not only that- it’s also created with high-resolution imaging that provides the natural details of actual hardwood and stone.


Here’s a quick summary of laminate’s many great benefits.



Best Laminate Flooring Styles

Laminate flooring offers a diversity of styles and patterns fit for both residential and commercial settings.


It's made to mirror a wide array of natural hardwood species, including:



You can even choose wood look laminate planks with different finishes, from glossy to matte. Low gloss floors tend to hide minor surface marks or scratches better than high gloss floor options.


You'll also find laminate tiles shaped and textured just like real ceramic, porcelain, and stone. This type of flooring is amazing when you’re seeking the design characteristics of premium flooring at a reasonable price.



How Does Laminate Flooring Compare to Hardwood?

While from the surface laminate wood floors and natural hardwood look virtually the same, they're constructed very differently.


Today's manufacturing techniques have brought laminate planks with distinctive graining patterns with authentic textures into every decorative veneer. While solid hardwood is made from a single continuous piece of genuine hardwood, laminate flooring has layers of composite wood and resins.  


This layered construction brings better stability, making laminate floors less likely to warp with exposure to moisture, humidity, and heavy foot traffic. There are various laminate plank widths and sizes for a dramatic effect on your home.


Something to consider when selecting plank widths: the wider planks work great in large areas, but narrow planks help make smaller rooms look more expansive.



Planning Your Laminate Flooring Installation

Compared to real hardwood floors, tile floor, or stone floors, laminate flooring installation is pretty simple and fast.


We offer both snap lock flooring and glue-down laminate options. With high-traffic areas, such as the front entry, family room, or kitchen, it's worth the time to preview and prepare existing flooring before installing it.


Keep in mind that many factors can affect the outcome of your laminate installation, including:




In some areas, the underlayment provides a barrier from any moisture between the subfloor and your laminate planks. It also levels an existing subfloor, adding a firming factor to older and giving a sense of real wood or stone when you walk on it. Molding adds a finishing touch, especially when a large area opens or connects to an adjoining room.



Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Not all laminate options are waterproof, but we do carry waterproof laminate that's ultra-durable, giving you top performance features at an affordable price.


Waterproof laminate flooring is an affordable option that brings  sophisticated hardwood looks, and low maintenance. It has a protective finish that ensures lasting beauty from abrasions, dents, and stains.


For homeowners with allergies, you shouldn't feel trapped by allergens stuck in your floor's cracks. This flooring’s watertight seams between the planks keep moisture, dust, and dirt particles from getting trapped between your floorboards.



Shop Laminate Flooring Near You in Royal Oak, Michigan

Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home is your local flooring store, offering a top selection of the best laminate flooring in the area. Our friendly flooring experts are also ready to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

We'll explain each laminate flooring collection, its benefits, and provide insight into what styles match your interior design vision.

To learn more about laminate flooring and our flooring services, please visit our showroom soon at 1224 South Main Street in Royal Oak, MI.

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