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Top Kitchen Flooring Options

Top Kitchen Flooring Ideas


Kitchen flooring is a major part of any home and you can quickly and easily find the perfect tile flooring if you know what to look for. Tile flooring is a wonderful option for the kitchen for a wide range of reasons, the first being that it is going to be easier to care for than most other flooring options. Tile can be wiped down with most floor cleaners and does not need particular cleansers to keep it looking great.


Best Kitchen Flooring Options


When looking for tile you will need to consider several different factors. The first is the size of the tile. Larger tiles are going to be more expensive but they are going to cover a larger space in the room and take far less tiles to complete the project. That being said, you may want to talk with your contractor to discuss how much tile is going to be needed to cover the entire kitchen so that you can get an accurate estimate of the overall cost. Smaller tiles are going to be cheaper but it will take far more tiles to cover the entire floor.


Another factor to keep in mind is the type of stone or type of tile you want to work with. Natural stone is going to cost more but it may be more in line with the design that you have in mind for your home. Natural stone is also going to be a bit more difficult to care for as it does require pH balanced cleansers to protect the integrity of the stone. Porcelain is an inexpensive option that is going to work in most spaces and that comes in a wider range of colors than natural stone tile.


Most Popular Kitchen Flooring


The last factor to consider when it comes to kitchen tile is the finish. High shine finishes are often reserved for spaces like bathrooms and in most kitchens a mid or low shine finish is going to be best. High gloss finishes can be slick when water or other liquids are dropped on them and a lower shine is going to be a bit safer. In most kitchens, tile flooring is going to be nearly matte in appearance and may even be unsealed if you choose some natural stones.



These are all options to keep in mind when selecting your tile flooring for your kitchen tile. Tile is a very forgiving medium, finding your right fit is easier than you might think.



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