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Hardwood Flooring in Royal Oak, Michigan

Are you looking to add luxury to your home? Hardwood flooring is durable, adds value, and is always posh. At Main Floors Carpet One Floor & Home, we have the best hardwood flooring brands . Visit our Royal Oak, Michigan, showroom to browse our flooring samples and talk with our experienced professionals about your next installation.


Which Hardwood Style Should I Choose?


When you shop hardwood floors, you’ll have a wide array of styles to consider, including:












We also have distinctive selections like multi-color wood, popular for their dimensional beauty and unique appearance.


Beyond The Boards: Understanding Hardwood Species


Beyond the styles available, you’ll also choose which hardwood species you want. There are exotic and domestic tree species. Our most popular options include:






Each offers characteristic wood grain patterns and colors, which can subtly change shades as they age. They vary in level of moisture-resistance and hardness.


How Can I Protect My Hardwood Floor From Humidity?


When wood absorbs moisture from humidity, it swells. As the wood dries out on less humid days, it shrinks. This is true even when hardwood flooring is dried, stained, or painted. When working with hardwood flooring, installers must leave room for the wood to expand and shrink as humidity levels fluctuate- otherwise, your floors will eventually warp, cup, or buckle. On the flip side, if your home has zero humidity, hardwood flooring becomes brittle and can crack. To achieve the fine balance of consistent relative humidity, we recommend using humidifier and other tools to maintain an ideal interior climate.


Is Engineered Hardwood “Real” Wood?


There are two main types of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered.




Are There Waterproof Hardwood Flooring Options?


Our exclusive Hydrotek™ collection offers 100% waterproof protection, durability, and designer looks. Features include an array of designs and different wood species. There are even mixed species option. If you insist on real hardwood flooring in your home but need an option that is waterproof, this is the floor for you!


Get Ready to Install Your Hardwood Floor


Make the best choice for your setting when you install, and we’ll guide you through which products are appropriate for your space. It’s important to consider factors like moisture levels, foot traffic, and temperature variations.



Your hardwood floors will need to be properly cared for and maintained over time. This includes cleaning and refinishing them to eliminate abrasions, stains, imperfections, and more. We recommend our professional installation services. You also can rest assured because your floors will be within warranty when you have them professionally installed.


How to Care for Your Hardwood Floor


The best way to ensure your floor lasts is to appropriately clean and care for it. We have general tips to ensure that your hardwood floor will stay looking new!







Discover Our Hardwood Selection


If you are looking for a quality hardwood floor, we’re your local hardwood floor store. You’ll find a full range of hardwood flooring options, and our experienced team will listen to your wood flooring ideas and find the right products. Visit us today.   




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Hardwood Warranties


Protect your investment with our unbeatable hardwood warranties.