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Du Chateau Hardwood

Du Chateau Hardwood


Du Chateau is as luxurious as its name. With two primary grades to choose from, you are able to pick between a smoothed or antiqued look. At Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home, we pride ourselves on having the top quality flooring brands in our store. Having an average floor isn’t enough for us, and it shouldn’t be for you either. Du Chateau Hardwood will exceed your expectations on what a hand-sculpted hardwood floor should look like.


Stunning Hardwood Flooring Options


Seeing that Du Chateau is offered in two primary grades, you are able to decide on a smooth modern look or an old-world style. The smooth grade look provides an even finish with little variation between planks. Unlike the aged character grade, the smooth grade does not have the looks of distressing. Additionally, you are able to pick from a variety of species with minimal variation in the finish. These color of your floors will show off the natural features of the hardwood. Overall, the smooth Du Chateau hardwood grade is perfect for homeowners looking for uniformity in their floors. However, if you desire a unique look, the aged character grade offers a variety of colors and textured options.



The Du Chateau aged character grade is known for its ability to highlight the woods natural forming features such as grain patterns, knots, and cracking. By bringing out these features, you are getting a defined hardwood finish that eludes to an old-world floor. 


Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors


In order to get the old-world look, the hardwood must go through a production process. The methods of production include distressing, smoking, brushing, and carbonization. This may seem like a long process, but it ensures your hardwood floors will exhibit its unique features.



Distressing provides a vintage floor look that is hand-sculpted. By hand –sculpting the hardwood the natural knots and organic contours are enhanced. Though this puts stress on the hardwood, Du Chateau Hardwood still ensures a uniform installation fit.



Smoking creates a darker gray color to the hardwood floors. The treatment of the hardwood is depended on the deepness of the colors. This treatment provides an authentic and rustic look with more color variation.



Brushing is the use of wire-brushing the floors to remove the soft wood. By doing so it makes the hardwood more durable while also enhancing the textures. 


Carbonization mimics the extremes of nature. By exposing the hardwood to extreme heat and freezing temperatures, the wood is strengthened and looks aged. 


At Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home, we will help you decide on the Du Chateau Hardwood collection that works best for your home. Below is a list of the available collections:










To learn more about Du Chateau hardwood, contact Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home in Royal Oak, MI today. 



We continue to provide Du Chateau Hardwood to the areas of Royal Oak, Birmingham, Hunington Woods, Berkley, Framington Hills, Warren, Sterling Heights, Bloomfield.


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