Stainmaster Carpets

Stain Resistant Carpets with Pet Protect

Stainmaster Carpet

Do your trust your current carpet to not stain and wear after years of spills? If not, it is time to upgrade to the most trusted carpet brand in the industry- Stainmaster. Stainmaster carpets are pet safe and a kid safe choice. In addition, the carpets trust reputation is based upon its stain resistance, durability and carpet cushion. 

Stainmaster holds all of its carpets to high standards, and all carpets must meet the strict requirements for durability, stain, soil resistance, and anti-static before being released to the public. Many competitive carpet brands won’t past these certification tests, which uses a Vettermann Drum Test that weighs five times more than the industry standard to test the carpets durability. 

What are Stainmaster Carpets Made of?

Stainmaster’s LotusFX Shield and Nylon 6.6 fibers prevent stains, soil repellency, and create the carpets soft and luxurious texture. The LotusFX Shield ensures that the carpets are stain and spoil repellent. The Nylon 6.6 fibers are engineered to optimal performance, style, and soft texture. The same fibers trusted in seatbelts, airbags, and parachute chords are used in Stainmaster carpets, so you know you are getting the strongest carpet available. 

What Type of Carpet is Best for Dogs?

Another standout feature to Stainmaster is the carpet cushions. The Stainmaster cushion keeps the carpet clean, cushy, and odor free. The breathable moisture barrier stops spills from soaking into the carpet and the cushion and subfloor. This not only makes the carpet easier to clean but also prevents stains from reappearing. 
Stainmaster offers a variety of collections, styles, patterns, and colors. The Color Stories, Bigelow, Bigelow Prestige, and Plaza Portfolio are just a few of the Stainmaster collections at Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home. To see the Stainmaster collections click here: Stainmaster

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