LEES at Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home

Are you looking for a carpet that stands the test of time, is tough, and beautiful? You may think you are asking a lot, but for Lees flooring you can relax knowing that everything is covered. At our Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home showroom, we take pride in having the top brands at the best prices; which is why we are a part of the Carpet One COOP

Stain Resistant

Some carpets may require products to protect it from the everyday spills and messes left behind by kids, friends, and pets. However, what separates Lees from its competition is that it is stain resistant. How many times have you walked into a room and found a stain on the floor. Unfortunately, you didn't catch it in time and now it is there to stay. Lees carpet repels spills, which puts your mind at ease and makes for an easier cleanup. 


Lees also comes with after-sale assurance and has a long track record of sustainability. Now, just because Lees is tough and stain resistant doesn't mean it isn't stylish. If you don't believe us visit our Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home showroom and see the beautiful Lees flooring options yourself!