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Is hardwood or laminate better?

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Is Hardwood or Laminate Better?

It’s a fact, a laminate floor offers diversity with a wide variety of styles and patterns to fit an existing home undergoing renovations or upgrades for new home designs adding to its decor and investment value.  This type of flooring is amazing when it comes to the design characteristics of high quality and durability at a reasonable price, making the best laminate flooring budget friendly besides beautiful.

How Durable is Wood Laminate Flooring?

Today’s manufacturing processes have incorporated distinctive graining patterns with authentic textures, creating a laminate floor with the image of hardwood or stone without the high maintenance.  For homeowners who prefer the detailing of natural wood or stone, there’s a variety of individual plank widths and tiles for a dramatic effect to your home.  Something to consider when selecting plank widths; the wider planks work great in large areas, but smaller areas really need to develop its own character and using narrow planks with the same pattern can create an appealing result joining the two areas.

Bathroom Laminate Flooring Waterproof

Something we don't think about is gloss levels and how they can affect the appearance of a laminate floor.  One thing is for sure, no matter what level of gloss you select, the quality of the flooring remains intact.  The level of gloss does make a difference, low gloss floors tend to hide minor surface marks or scratches better than the high gloss floors.

Laminate Finished Molding

Molding adds a finishing touch, especially when a large area opens or connects to an adjoining room.  In most cases, molding enhances the overall vision of the room and the finished floor by using the right baseboard molding around the outer edges.  Or a bridge or reducer molding can create a seamless transition from one room to another for a spacious effect on the inside of the home. 

Why Choose Laminate?

When the areas have high traffic, such as the front entry, family room or kitchen it’s worth the time to preview and prepare the existing flooring before installing the laminate. These areas have changing temperatures, light and humidity levels that can affect the installation of the best laminate flooring.  In some areas the underlayment provides a barrier from any moisture between the subfloor and the laminate.  It also levels an existing subfloor, adding a firming factor to older subfloors and giving a sense of real wood or stone when you walk on it.

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