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How to clean hardwood floors

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How do I Clean Hardwood Floors?

If you have recently purchased a new hardwood floor, chances are that you’ll want it to last a long time. The best way to ensure that your floor lasts a long time is to appropriately clean and care for it. We have some general tips for you to follow in order to ensure that your hardwood floor will stay looking good as new!

Hardwood Maintenance Tips

Always refer to your floor’s manufacturer instructions to know what methods and cleaners they recommend for use in order to maintain your product’s warranty.

  • Dirt is very abrasive and can scratch hardwood when it is walked on. You should sweep your floor every day to minimize the dirt that builds up.

  • Vacuum once a week or twice weekly in high traffic areas to remove dirt that gets in hard to reach places like between boards. Use a vacuum attachment that is meant for hardwood or hard surfaces to prevent any damage from occurring.

  • Wipe all spills immediately after they occur to avoid staining.

  • Use a dry mop to remove dust and smaller dirt particles using a dry mop treatment approved by the floor’s manufacturer. You may be able to use a wet mop, however using too much water can permanently damage your floor. If the hardwood is properly sealed then the finish should repel any water from penetrating into the wood fibers.

We hope you use these tips for proper hardwood care! If you have any questions about your hardwood floor or any other flooring, visit our Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home showroom at 1224 South Main in Royal Oak, MI or give us a call at 248-565-2768.