COREtec Plus

100% waterproof vinyl flooring

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LVT flooring has quickly become a household favorite. For many homeowners, LVT allows them to have all the looks of hardwood or stone, but without the hefty price tag, and with greater durability. Nonetheless, one LVT floor rises above them all with its eco-friendly materials, waterproof construction, and innovated installation method: COREtec Plus. 

What is COREtec Plus?

COREtec Plus has become a household name for LVT floors. And when it comes to durability and sustainability, COREtec sets the standards for all LVT flooring. Yet, what makes COREtec Plus so special? The first benefit of installing a COREtec Plus floor in your home is getting the true handcrafted looks of real hardwood, but being able to install the floor in any room of your house. With COREtec Plus, you aren’t limited to low traffic areas. Instead, all high traffic areas, including damp areas of your home, aren’t a problem for COREtec.  

COREtec Plus has created an innovative installation method by creating floating floors. Instead of the standard solid locking and gluing down, COREtec Plus has a cork underlayment that can be installed over any floor and still create and even finish. 

Durability of Vinyl Plank Flooring

The core construction of COREtec Plus is made up of recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone, and Virgin PVC. Not only is this eco-friendly flooring, but these natural materials also create a 100% waterproof shield. Due to its water-resistance, COREtec Plus can be installed over any wet areas of your home without swelling or expanding. Additionally, COREtec Plus is so dimensionally stable that even if it is exposed to water it won’t swell or contract. 

A COREtec Plus floor is quieter, warmer, and naturally resistant to odor causing mold and mildew. With so many benefits to COREtec, you shouldn’t be putting off upgrading your floor. 

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