Carpet Trends Royal Oak, MI

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If you’re the type who always stays abreast of changing home design trends and likes your home to be as contemporary as possible, you may be in the midst of a remodel. If you’re considering updating your carpets, there are many emerging trends that are worth trying. This year is about making bold statements with vivid colors, enigmatic patterns, and quality carpet materials.
Machine-Made Trumps Handmade 
While once many carpets were painstakingly hand-stitched, today, carpet weaving and carpet tufting machines have taken over. These machines allow more carpets to be produced much more quickly. Even better, no matter what pattern you want, it’s possible with these machines. These can be simpler, like basic stripes, or much more detailed, like zig-zags, herringbone, and other ornate patterns and shapes.
Of course, some smaller artisan companies do still make carpets by hand, and these often take advantage of recycled materials for a greener design. Regardless of what type of carpet you buy and who manufactures it, you’ll get a higher-quality carpet that is sure to last for years to come.
Embrace the Colorful
In addition to unique patterns, a rainbow of colors is also being featured in carpet flooring for 2016. Perhaps it has to do with the ease of making carpets these days, but more colorful carpets are being retailed than ever before. If you have a flair for the bright and whimsical, you’ll love the choices available to you.
Beige Is Big
Not into colors? No problem. More and more homes are embracing the simplicity of beige. This tame hue is like a type of camouflage, able to blend seamlessly in almost any room regardless of the colors of the surrounding décor. Depending on the pattern and texture, a beige carpet can be a statement-maker or a simple background item.
An Artsy Carpet
Carpet manufacturing has come such a long way that most carpet machines can reproduce famous works of art. Indeed, for the right price, you can have a copy of your favorite classic painting featured prominently on your floor. This is a new way to showcase your love of art that doesn’t involve spending thousands of dollars to procure an original painting.
Fiber Carpets Mean Quality
More carpet producers have turned to fiber as a primary manufacturing material. While nylon has been the classic choice for a long time and is still widely-used, fiber has come into favor due to its high quality. However, you do have to be careful when cleaning fiber carpets, particularly when vacuuming, to avoid degrading the fibers.