Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that Most Manufacturers Require Regular Deep Cleaning to Maintain your Warranty?

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Does Your Carpet Need a Deep Cleaning?

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends a deep carpet cleaning every 18-24 months; in fact, many manufacturers will require deep cleaning to maintain your warranty. Deep cleaning is a good solution to revitalize your carpet and home by removing dust, dirt, bacteria, allergens, and other materials that have been imbedded into the carpet fibers that can’t be removed through regular vacuuming. Refer to your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations to see what types of deep cleaning is covered under your product’s warranty.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Dry extraction: uses the least amount of moisture of all deep cleaning methods. A powdery cleaning agent is sprinkled on the carpet and is then worked into the fibers with a special brush. The cleaning agent bonds with dirt in the carpet and then is removed from the carpet by vacuuming.

  • Dry foam extraction: uses a detergent that is whipped into a foam, which is then worked into the carpet with a revolving brush. The dirt is then removed by wet-vacuuming. After the carpet has dried, any remaining dirt can be vacuumed up.

  • Hot water extraction: also referred to as “steam cleaning” uses hot water mixed with detergent under high pressure to clean the carpet. The cleaning agents will detach soil particles from the carpet fibers. This method of cleaning is most-often recommended by manufacturers.

  • Shampoo cleaning: uses a brush to apply shampoo to carpet fibers, much like dry foam extraction. The shampoo is fed directly through the brush, and then is allowed 1-12 hours to dry. Once the shampoo has dried it, along with the dirt, is vacuumed.

  • Absorbent pad method of cleaning: involves spraying a cleaning solution on the floor, then using a rotary pad to loosen dirt particles. The cleaning solution is given 1-3 hours to dry, after which it is vacuumed up.

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