Best Bathroom Tile Designs

Get inspired with our top bathroom looks

Bathroom Tile

Traditional bathroom tiles aren’t cutting it anymore, especially the tiles that are stained and chipped. All the scrubbing and cleaning in the world can’t fix it, which is why it is time to upgrade. At Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer the top bathroom tile brands, styles, types, and designs. One of our favorite tile options continues to be Bel Terra. 

Bel Terra is a versatile tile option that can be used for backspalshes, flooring, and in showers. With a number of color, shapes, patterns, styles, and types of tile to choose from, you are able to create the bathroom you envisioned. Nonetheless, if you are unsure about how you want your bathroom to look, our Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home design team is here to help you. We not only take your personal style into consideration, but your budget, and needs. One of the best features to tile is that it has a high resale value, is easy to maintain, and is naturally resistant to water and dust. Here are some inspiration ideas for your bathroom:


Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Tile Backsplashes

A tile backsplash add a luxurious and unique look to your bathroom.

Tile Flooring

Tile is naturally resistant to water and is easy to maintain.

One trend that is becoming more prominent in bathrooms, and kitchens, is the wood tile look. The wood tile look provides the natural and unique details of hardwood but with a rich feel. If you are looking for a rustic, modern, or contemporary look for your bathroom, consider these collections from Bel Terra: 

  • Danilo

  • Everwell Bay

  • Chesterfield

  • Carlin Cove

  • Season Wood Field Tile

  • Acacia Valley Field Tile

  • Trailside

  • Harbor Lane

  • Fairway Breeze

To learn more about Bel Terra, and bathroom tile designs, contact Main Floor Carpet One Floor & Home in Royal Oak, MI.