Allergen-Friendly Flooring 

With allergies affecting millions of Americans each year, keeping the home as allergen-friendly as possible is a necessity. The good news is that doing so will not limit your flooring options. There are both carpet and hardwood solutions for an allergen- friendly homes. However, depending on several different factors, one might be a better choice for you than the other. 

Hardwood Reigns Supreme- Sort Of 

The easiest type of flooring for allergens is hardwood. Hardwood is easier to clean and do not trap the pollen, dander, and other allergens that carpet can. A simple hardwood floor is great for homes with pets, because the hair can be quickly swept away. Yet, since hardwood does not actually trap any allergens, they can float around freely in the air. On the other hand, carpet can trap a lot of the dust and other particles floating in the air. This makes it a good option if you are able to keep it clean more often. Carpet keeps the air clean, trapping contaminants until you are ready to vacuum. 

Best Carpet Types

Get yourself some natural fiber carpets with low cuts so you don't have as many allergens trapped in the carpet. If you keep this cleaned weekly, you shouldn't have any issues with your allergies. Make sure you use a vacuum that has a good filter which can capture particles from the air as well. You may also want to get you carpet steamed regularly to help extend its lifespan.

Best Hardwood Flooring Types

Traditional hardwood flooring is great because it last a long time and will not trap any particles. All you have to do is wipe it down and keep it swept up. Another flooring option is cork. Cork will be resistant to both mildew and mold and will be as easy to clean as a hardwood floor. No matter what you choose to buy, remember it’s the amount of cleaning you are willing to do that will have the biggest effect on allergies, so pick a flooring that works best for you and your schedule.